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The KETONIX Advantage


KETONIX is a device that indicates ketones in your breath. The ketones in your breath is not the same as the ketones measured in blood. Breath ketones are a real-time indicator of using fat as fuel. This is a huge advantage compared to measure urine or blood ketones.

By knowing your real-time ketosis you will be able to find out how your fat-burning is affected by different lifestyle changes. Example: if your ketosis drops when you have coffee with cream and it does not when just having plain black coffee ... you might be sensitive to the cream. Different type of exercises affects your ketosis as well. How your body react is personal, something that works for someone might not work for you. Using a KETONIX device, you can determine what works for you.

The procedure is first to find out your baseline, then introduce a change (example no dairy or some new form of exercise). Then take new measures and compare to your baseline. Read more about baseline use here ....

The KETONIX software enables you to log and view your measures and enable you to make lifestyle changes based upon what works for you!