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KETONIX Australia

KETONIX® Bluetooth® with Battery


 KETONIX® Bluetooth® with Battery

 You can purchase a KETONIX straight from Sweden here:

This is the latest version of KETONIX®, click on the Read more link below to find out more about the product.
The KETONIX® Bluetooth® with Battery uses software app for indicating acetone in PPM.
The supported platforms are iOS, Android and Mac, a Beta version for Windows is also available.

The Beta version for Windows needs to replace the Bluetooth stack driver and might break the connection to other Bluetooth devices.

Calibration is built in and is done automatically. 

The Bluetooth Smart protocol means you do not have to pair it to use the app. Just open the app, select your device and go!
Here is a video demonstrating how to use it together with an iPhone:
Here is the same but using a Samsung Galaxy:

A perfect choice for anyone who is adopting a Paleo, Ketogenic or Low Carb diet.


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