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Development of KETONIX

It was through Michel Lundells treatment of epilepsy that the inspiration for the Ketonix was born. He was using a ketogenic diet as part of his treatment for epilepsy over the standard treatment with medication.

Michel knew there had to be a better and less invasive way to measure your level of ketosis other than the standard urine strips and blood ketone meters on the market. 

He was going through a lot of urine strips to determine if he was in ketosis and at what level. They only indicated whether there was an excess of ketone bodies (acetoacetate) a few hours ago and were messy/hard to interpret. 

Blood ketone meters which measured another ketone body (Beta-hydroxybutrate)where also expensive and messy.   

 Michel Lundell founder KETONIX breath analyzer


During his research on ketosis the concept of breath indicating ketosis stood out. Being an engineer with no constraints regarding what’s doable or not, he set out to make his own device that was easy to use and reusable.

The device that evolved worked well and the idea of making it available to others was born. He called it KETONIX. It became a compass to help people navigate towards good ketone production.